Monthly Archives: July 2010

A More Multicultural Service

You won’t hear even a minute of God Bless America at St. David’s this Sunday (I hope the cheesy video will do the trick). Instead, we’re celebrating the entire world this Independence Day with music from Brazil to Russia and back again:

France – Arabesque No. 1 Claude Debussy

South Africa – Siyahamba

Russia – Psalm 30

Japan – Here, O Lord, your servants gather

Gaelic – Nicene Creed

Finland – Finlandia (the hymn is based on this is the full, orchestral tone poem)

Scotland – O Waly Waly Doxlogy

Africa – Sanctus by Betty Pulkingham

Brazil – Cantad al SeƱor (in a handbell arrangement!)

United States – Lift every voice and sing (recorded here by the PS-22 Chorus.. Do you know who they are? Please read about them!)

Norway – Patriotic Song from Lyric Pieces by Edvard Grieg

See you then!