All Means All

When I went to General Convention at Anaheim in 2009, the Episcopal Church’s advocacy organization for the LGBT community, Integrity, distributed colorful buttons that said “All the Sacraments for All the Baptized.” This time ’round, the button reads: “Making ALL mean ALL.” Yesterday, both the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies approved two resolutions that truly make all mean all: first, a resolution expanding the list of people against whom the church will not discriminate to include transgendered people, and second, a resolution indicating that all are welcome to participate in the process of discerning a vocation to ordained ministry, without regard to gender identity and expression, among other things. All means all.

Later in the day on Monday, the House of Bishops passed a resolution allowing priests to use special rites developed for the purpose of same-sex blessings. This afternoon, our House of Deputies passed the same resolution. Because about 25% of the House of Deputies were not happy with the decision, there was not a whole lot of outward rejoicing and hoopla, but the vote was the culmination of over thirty years’ work on full inclusion of all people into all aspects of church life.

It’s a great day for a church that claims to welcome all people.  All means all.


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  1. praise the lord…who would have thought that my denomination (Methodist) would be one of the last hold outs. I really, really like “All means All” Shalom, Tim

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